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Alright, I was cleaning my room and I found some interesting things:

This was an assignmet from the 7th grade. I had to make a science story out of vocabulary words, I think its pretty good though, for a homework assignment I mean.

Heading North

His name was Rick, everyone called him Ricky; but soon that wouldn't matter. When Ricky was young his favorite subject in school was science. His favorite thing to do in science was study magnetism.

When he got older he became an expert in that specific field. He studied everything from magnetic domains to tranformers.

When he was twenty he became a science teacher. He taught his classes everything from electromagnetism to induction. Then Ricky thought that his teaching career was going nowhere. "These students don't even know the difference between an electrmagnet and an electricmotor," he thought.

So once the school year ended he quit his teaching job and ecided to trave. He had family down south and that was about it, but for some reason he packed his things and some money, also the best compass he could find, and headed North.

Something was calling him in that direction. It was like a force pulling him and he couldn't resist but to follow it. He headed North for six years. After his second year he ran out of money and had to travle by foot, but nevertheless he kept heading North.

He didn't know what he was looking for, and often he wanted to just drop where he stood and die, but he couldn't, because that force was still pulling him in that one direction. And thats how he would die, heading North, with no power to stop himself.

This one I probably did in the sixth or seventh grade

I Need Someone...

I need someone who will understand me,
Not just to walk hand in hand with me.

I need someone to be my protector,
Not someone who would just lecture.

I need someone I can talk with,
Not someone I can only kiss.

I need someone who thinks I'm smart and whitty,
Not someone who just thinks I'm pretty.

I need someone who would love me with joy,
Not someone who woul so quickly use me for their toy.

I need someone who would always pull me through,
I need some one thats obviously not you.

This one I entered in the literary fair in the seventh grade, but it was disqualified because the guy died in the end.

The So Called Nonexistent Alien That Killed Me

Some people don’t believe in monsters, but I encountered one one night. It was a late, star filled night. Cool and humid were the late October winds. It was actually the night before Halloween at my little house isolated in the middle of nowhere. Nothing much happens, it’s just me by myself, which is ironic, because if anything interesting ever did happen, no one would ever be around to see it, no one would ever know.

I was lying on my back in bed, looking at the ceiling, trying to think of what I should be doing with my pathetic life. “There’s an entire world beyond all this nothingness,” I thought, “How did I ever end up here?” As I was pondering for an answer I heard a sound. Now my house makes all types of noises, I have grown so accustomed to them that I don’t even hear them anymore. They’re just another sway of a branch. Then I told myself, “Something is wrong.” What made me catch this sound? Why was this sound so different?

I glanced towards the window and caught a pale, sea foam green light emitting through the lace curtains. I got up, opened the window, and pushed my head out. There in the untamed sea of grass as tall as the sky, was a ship, an alien ship I first thought, pouring light into the darkness. It wasn’t like the flying saucers that people supposedly spot in the sky when coincidently no one is around to witness it along with them. I t wasn’t like the ships we launch in to space in search of life again and again on the same tight, short leash limiting its exploration to our tiny solar system. No, it wasn’t any of those, it was more like a sphere, a rotating sphere with rays swirling from every which way, each ray a different color.

The sphere separated in half, and lowered a line of steps. Coming down the steps so gracefully was a man like figure. The only thing is he wasn’t a man, he wasn’t from this world; tall and slender, big head and long limbs, pale green skin. It was truly something interesting. It’s too bad that no one’s around to see it, that no one would ever know. I’ve seen to many horror movies to just stand there staring, always the one who just stands there, dies first, and I was the only one there. So of course I’d be the first and only one who dies if I didn’t move now.

Instead of standing there staring as he came down the steps, I ran. Instead of screaming senselessly till I went hoarse and blue in the face, I ran. Instead of sitting back on the bed and waiting to die, I pulled my head from out the window and ran. I grabbed my coat, pulled on my boots and raced out the door heading towards the woods. I kept a steady pace hoping he didn’t see me, when without warning, in the dead of silence, the alien appeared in front of me. It held its hand in the air, a ball of light formed and rocketed as a beam straight through my left shoulder hurting as much as being shot. Now I’ve never been shot before but I’ve heard that it isn’t very fun. I fell to the floor and hit my head. I took that as a warning, got up and kept running. I reached the river in the center of the woods when he appeared again.

He held his hand out again, I knew what he was going to do but I was frozen with fear and amazement at how quick he was. It’s too bad that no one’s around to see it, that no one will ever know. He did it again, but this time he took out my right shoulder. I swung around and bounded to the house, planning to lock the door even though I knew it was futile. Just then he appeared cutting me off, at first, he hesitated as if waiting for me to surrender. I stood my ground not about to lose my dignity. If I were to go down I would go down with pride.

He held his hand up in the air just like before. I just looked into his eyes. Then he struck me down, right in the chest. With his arrow like power he pierced straight through my heart. That very moment at 12:00a.m. precisely, no later, no less, that very moment on H Halloween, Jake Colfman died, and from then on I swore revenge. I came back every Halloween, sat on my bed with the window open and my rifle at hand, waiting for him to come back. What can I say he left a mark on me, three of them actually. Maybe this is why I was put out here.

I guess interesting things do happen, the most interesting things. It’s just too bad that no one’s ever around to see it, that no one would ever know.

There is one more that I wrote last year, I'll post that another time.
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